*rolls with happiness* Just watched Kimi to Boku + Sekaiichi Hatsukoi = happiness! Muahahaha~ Especially the part where Onodera confessed. Maaaaaa~~ *continues rolling* haha~

Anyway, I had a weird dream on X'mas eve? Or X'mas day itself.. Can't remember which day. Anyway, I dreamt that the new chapters of 'NANA' is out! I was so elated of the continuing of 'NANA' by Yazawa Ai sensei~ Ah, but it's a dream. It's so real! The story continued where it let off. *sigh*


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For memories sake.
Realised I can't remember things as well as I when I was 15. (That's a pretty long time ago)
Niway, had an eventful weekend.
Attended a seminar and had newfound idol! Gosh! He's so intellectual, nice, eloquent, non-judgmental! Gosh... (can't stop gushing about him.XP)Prof Edwin Thumboo is my current idol! KYAAA~~ Anyway, he said many things that made me sit up and think about it. And is currently toying with the idea.. It may be too late but it's better late than never?!? haha...

Went to the Anime Festival Asia '08. ha~ Oh well, quite a lot of cosplaying around. Some are quite nice. XP
I tried to buy some nice files but was sold out. Argh.. I went too late. But somehow I managed to catch May'n singing. Erm... Cuz I haven watch Macross Frontier so I don't know how to appreciate her songs. HAHAHAHA~ But she's super cute. 19 yrs old, bubbly. Ahh... so nice to be young.

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Currently watching~

1) Junjou Romantica 2 - KYAAAA!!
2) Vampire Knight Guilty
3) Naruto

Currently collecting to watch when I have time. XP

1) Kuro Shitsuji

Currently reading

1) Kuro Shitsuji
2) Naruto

Wanted to watch badly

1) D.Gray Man
2) One Piece

Dedicated to Wonderful People in this World

It really is Encouraging to learn that after working for 2 years, my wages is about the same as fresh grads in this Wonderful organization or maybe lower. YUPPIE! I’m so happy about it. Makes me feel so grateful on the Little amount of work they had allocated to me. Wonderful.

Ahhh… And I met some Wonderful people at work. You see, they can just sit on a position and not do much and get wonderful pay. Aren’t they just wonderful? And even better, some of these Wonderful people will MIA and get away with it. Oh my oh my, Wonderful!すばらしい!

Of coz, I don’t just know 1 or 2 Wonderful people. In fact, I know a dozens of them. These Wonderful people always do Wonderful things and amuse me greatly. Like they can push the job to me and expect me to clean up their Wonderful shitty mess. Ahhh.. Thanks for letting me Shine on this Wonderful shitty mess. There…

And Some Wonderful people do only jobs that are see-able by the boss, and get promoted faster than others. Wonderful. Such competent skills must be learnt. なるほとね。

There there… with these Wonderful people around me to amuse and teach me so many new things, how can I bear to leave this Wonderful organization?
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What shows I’m currently watching …

1. Hana Kimi I know I know, I’m slow in this. But I like Shuichi better than Sano in the show. Ikuta Toma is SOOO cute!! Horikita Maki is what I would envision Mizuki, that’s why I watched Japanese version over Taiwan version. Niway, I liked the guy who played Shuichi in the Taiwan version as well. HAHA~ BUT, I like Sano in manga..

2. Absolute Boyfriend. I like Mizushima Hiro! カコイイ~~ I don’t usually like guys with curly hairs in real life, but curly hairs on him LOOKS so GOOD.

(Update 08/07/08: Finished this series! YEAH~~)

3. A Tokyo Cinderella Story. A very old show. But I’m loving it. ^__^ Few more episodes to go.

4. D.Gray-Man. Still having 10++ episodes to catch up. BTW, did you all realised that Tyki had a mole under his eye?!? KYAAAA~ And when I saw that my mind thinks of Suwabe!! ha~ Tyki is voiced by MoriMori, another sexy voice. I love MoriMori! KYAAAA~

5. Death Note. I stopped halfway few months ago, and did not dl any. Now trying to source for sites to watch it online. *sigh* most of the sites I went to, had already taken them down. *sigh*

6. BLOOD+. Playing catching up as well. I bought the DVD. Heh~

7. Vampire Knight. Realized I like anime with vampire genre. Could be the neck, the blood, the desire. ^^;;

(Update 08/07/08: Finished the series. Waiting for new season. )

NEW (08/07/08)
8. Junjou Romantica. Finished the series! YEAH~ LOVE LOVE. <3<3

9. Himitsu - The Relevation. Not much time to catch this series. But it's interesting. ^_^
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Went to watched MAYDAY's concert on 26 Apr. It was GOOD! Gonna catch them when they come to town again! ^___^

Ah-Ah.. My memory is failing me. Let me think what I had done apart from going to work and becoming more like an old haggard working lady. >_<

Went to watched Accuracy of Death starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, Sumiko Fuji, Manami Konishi. I like the film, but hate the audiences. WTF. Keep your voices down! You’re not watching TV at home. Can’t stand these idiots.